Levi Strauss Experiments with 3D-Printed Denim: Page 2 of 2

Levi Strauss & Co. has become one of the first off-the-shelf clothing companies to explore the use of 3D printing to fabricate its products, though its explorations are in the very early stages.

impressions,” according to the blog post. “But, this semi-duplicate product still proves meaningful for Levi’s.”

Indeed, Dillinger told Fast Company that the experimentation doesn’t mean the company will soon be selling 3D-printed jackets, but only that it shows Levi’s brand designers are beginning to think more contemporary and cost-efficient ways to design the company’s clothing.

“It challenges us, and our design team, to think about design differently, and to think about design strategies to accommodate an uncertain future,” Dillinger said in the Fast Company article.

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