You Can Get Scrooged Opening a Trap Door

December 05, 2005

Ever try opening an attic door in the ceiling at the top of the stairs with your hands full of stuff? Try spelling headache! So Larry installed a 12V motor with a cable shaft in the attic and attached the cable to the door. Limit switches stop the motor when the door is fully open and closed, and a converter ensures the correct voltage to the motor. Larry can now activate the door from the bottom of the stairs.

Click here for the wiring diagram.
Open Sesame! Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Rocker Switch 863-0152
2 Snap Action Limit Switch 821-0219
1 14GA Stranded Wire 293-460N
10 Female Space Connectors 534-1213
2 Butt Splices 534-0695
1 Switch Encloser 883-0910
1 Cable Connector 534-0913
1 1 inch Corrugated Flexible Conduit 534-9120
Additional parts required: 12V reversible motor with cable shart; 0.125-inch-diameter steel cable; 0.125-inch upbolt cable clamps (2); 0.250-inch eye bolt and nut; 120V ac/12V dc power supply

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