Steve and Friends Discover that Inventing Can Be Intoxicating

May 05, 2003

Steve Rundell and fellow engineering students at Michigan State University never go thirsty, thanks to the ingenious automatic drink-making machine they designed and built. The contraption allows the "bartender" to select various drink mixtures displayed on an LCD screen. A controller sends a signal to a servo motor that drives a rotating carousel, which positions the drink cup under the appropriate liquid reservoirs. A solenoid valve opens, automatically dispensing a predetermined amount of liquid into the cup.

Drink-o-Matic 3000 Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Solid state relay 235-7602
1 Resistor kit 635-0120
1 Prototype kit 508-7713
1 Microcontroller 671-0052

Additional parts required: dc servo motor, solenoid valve, desk lamp, lazy susan device, wire, 2-liter bottles for liquid reservoirs, various lumber and plumbing products (there's a lot of leeway for creativity in this design)

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