Sam Shunned Those Ordinary Doggie Toys

September 27, 2004

Given a close relative with a propensity for locking the keys in the car, James tried a variety of Slim-Jims, Lock-picks, and other tools to gain forcible entry to his own car before he decided to go high-tech. Fortunately, he drives an older-model Chrysler and was able to wire in parallel to the door lock a momentary switch hidden inside a drilled hole on the driver's side mirror. He discovered Fords to be a tad more burglar-proof, requiring the addition of an in-line relay to activate the door lock.

Locked car access system parts list:
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Switch, momentary on 676-0580
1 Relay, SPST, 12Vdc 686-0138
Additional parts required: Older model Ford or Chrysler car

For James Henderson's instruction on how to get into locked cars with no tools, as well as some schematic drawings and documentation, click



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