Ryan Pooh-Poohed Those Low-Carb Diets

June 28, 2004

To keep his roommates from pilfering his beer reserves, Ryan resolved to build a Fort Knox-like protection device. The BeerBot waits for a correct activation code and then pours (drizzles out, actually) beer until a sensor detects the cup is filled. If the thirsty perpetrator enters the wrong code, a speaker sounds an alarm and a counter is incremented-a combo that most assuredly will prevent all but the most foolhardy from attempting another break-in. Ryan now sleeps peacefully knowing his beer is safe and sound.

Check out all the details!

Beerbot parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 7-segment LED display 505-5462
1 Green LED 263-1239
1 Red LED 263-0115
1 330-Ohm DIP resistor array 755-4815
1 Piezoelectric speaker 854-6636
1 AND gate (quad 2-input) 263-2778
1 Inverter (hex) 263-0167
1 BCD to 7-segment LED decoder 735-4097
1 4 MHx crystal 614-0014
1 SPDT relay 686-0013
1 1N4001 diode 266-0001
1 2N3904 NPN transistor 568-8253
1 Pushbutton (NO momentary) 855-1065
3 Toggle switch (SPST) 683-0048
1 Microswitch 676-4198
1 5V regulator 568-3101
Additional parts required: Capacitors, resistors, PIC microcontroller, old CD-ROM drive, fluid pump and tubing, fluid sensor, some brewskis

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