Richard and Jen Ace Stochastics

May 16, 2005
For Richard Hopkins and Jen Harmel's complete instructions on how to build your own penny slot machine, microcontroller code, and a video of the slot machine in action, click here . To view the parts list, click here .

Gamblers who play engineering students Richard and Jen's handy desktop slot machine simply insert a coin and press a button or pull a handle. Three stepper motor microcontrollers generate a random number between 0 and 7, using this number to spin the three reels to new positions. For a cool visual effect, the reels are spun through multiple rotations. If the reels arrive at a winning combination, "winner" is displayed on an LCD, chimes ring, and a central microcontroller sends pulses to a relay that runs a set of solenoids that push out the winning coins. Viva Las Vegas!

Desktop Slot Machine Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Parallel 16x2 LCD Display 670-0036
3 Bipolar stepper motor driver 248-2970
25 1 kV resistor 296-5562
5 10 kV resistor 296-5586
20 4.7 kV resistor 296-5578
10 22 pF capacitor 213-0102
15 0.1 muF capacitor 213-3622
1 22 kV ceramic photocell 669-9512
1 5V dc relay 866-2351
1 Voltage comparator 568-4660
5 4 MHz crystal oscillator 895-0677
4 Protoboard 761-0010
1 NPN power transistor 568-4085
4 Red LED 782-0010
3 Green LED 782-1503
3 Yellow LED 782-0040
Additional parts required: 5 PIC 16F84A microcontrollers; 1 bright white LED; 3 bipolar stepper motors; 3 H-bridge with flyback diodes; 1 computer power supply; 1 slot machine N.O. spin button; 1 digital sound module; 1 amplified computer speakers; 1 car emergency brake handle; 1 doorbell

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