People Were Curious About Fred's Feeding Habits

July 19, 2004

Disinclined to shimmy up tall trees to replenish his bird feeder, Fred devised an electric cable-and-pulley system to reel it in. Using a modified garage door opener, he controls the motion of the feeder, which travels 50 ft between his house and tree via a single loop of steel cable and series of pulleys driven by a motor and worm gear unit. The feeder hangs from both cables, with an idler pulley on the top cable and cable clamps on the lower cable to reduce stress and swinging motion. And Fred keeps his feet firmly on the ground.

Flying feeder parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 AC operated relay - class 78 850-1821
1 Socket for relay 850-1074
1 MOV surge protector 586-0134
1 Power-on pushbutton switch 870-8752
1 Pushbutton SPDT 870-8750
1 Cap for power-on pushbutton switch, red 870-407C
1 Cap for power-on pushbutton switch, black 870-407A
2 Screw terminal strip 824-2812

Additional parts required: Garage door opener; 1/16-inch steel cable; steel cable clamps; garage door pulley; patio door replacement pulley; drain pipe; steel strap; bungee cords, 14-2 NM-B power wire; 2 conductor control wire; bird feeder; miscellaneous hardware and parts.

Complete information, diagrams and pictures.

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