Our Everest Model has a Fireplace!

July 07, 2003

Bruce Field and daughter Ellie are happy campers, thanks to a portable heating/cooling device they built that maintains a constant, comfortable temperature inside their camping tent. To ensure complete climate control, they equipped a standard room air-conditioner with an electrostatic air filter, economical slinky-type dryer ducting (that minimizes number of holes cut into tent fabric), and a constant-temperature feedback sensor. An optional motion sensor discourages both curious neighbors and hungry bears.

Bruce and daughter Ellie Field's complete instructions on how to build your own Field Cooler

Field Cooler Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Soft wire type J, 15 ft 919-3083
1 Snap-in mount 689-4215
1 C19 cord set 509-5074
1 Instrumentation cable 216-1102
1 Expandable sleeving 205-0656
1 Extension plug 932-1012
1 Shielded plug 932-1026
1 Finger guard 599-0410
1 Power cord 796-1624
1 Aluminum enclosure 763-1300
2 Full swing castors 549-8024
Other parts required: 5k BTU (or higher) room air-conditioner, front and rear bezel to fit air-conditioner unit, dryer tubing, nylon material, glue bag to fit cooling unit, many screws, filter material, sewing machine. Plus, there is elbow-room galore for customization!

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