Maxtor drive dead

November 22, 2006

Well, I don't have to eat crow. Relative to my last post , my Maxtor 3-in-1 network drive is dead after 60 days of use. I called Maxtor support we conducted some highly sophisticated tests on the unit. The clincher was the hand test. "Put your hand on the unit," the Maxtor support instructed. "Do you feel anything spinning?" he asked. "Nope, nothin'" I responded. He told me me to send it in for a new one. I elected to go the credit card route and have them send me a unit right away. If I don't send back el kaput within 30 days, they charge me for the new unit.
In my original post on this subject , I complained that I could not get an RMA number through Maxtor's web site. Maxtor support, a real person of which came on the line within a surprisingly fast 2-3 minutes, told me you can't get an RMA number online for a network drive. Why didn't the web site say that, I thought. My original post was inspired out of frustration of my futile attempts to get an RMA number.

Anyhow, I give Maxtor support a solid C for its performance. My complaints include using a wrong e-mail address to confirm the call, putting me down at "Don Dodge" and costing me $13 for sending back the dead unit. As for the drive, I give it a solid F, but like my kids' teachers sometimes, I'll let it take the test again.

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