John Strongly Recommended the Water-Management Option

September 08, 2003

When a go-kart racer knows the density of dry air entering the engine, he can tune his carburetor's efficiency accordingly and maximize performance. The problem is weather is always changing. To avoid any guesswork, John Cashon built an on-board weather station for go-karts. It monitors three atmospheric parameters (barometric pressure, relative humidity, and temperature), does the required math, and displays the dry air density on a PDA for quick, on-the-fly carburetor adjustments.

Go-kart weather station parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 HIH-36010-002 humidity sensor 642-2252
1 MPX4115A barometric pressure sensor 858-4854
1 Trimming potentiometer 100 kOhm 754-1121
1 Voltage regulator +5V 568-3101
1 9V battery strap 839-3096

Additional parts required: PalmOS PDA, OrbForms Designer (OrbWorks Inc.) DAQ-100 data acquisition card (Integrity Instruments), PDA serial cable prototype board, enclosure, 9V battery, various capacitors and resistors.

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