Jared's Ride Isn't Fly, but the Steering's Perfect

November 07, 2005

So he always stays on course, Jared designed a mechatronic device that simulates perfect steering in an automobile. The small-scale, single-wheel model determines the speed of wheel rotation from the magnitude of the curve it's traveling. It works by setting the initial speed of a PIC-controlled dc motor, then uses a manual-input turn radius to vary the speed of the motor and advance a PIC-controlled stepper motor one visible step (7.5 deg) in the specified direction. To read jared's perfect steering simulation report, click here . To view the microcontroller code, click here .

Perfect Steering Mechanism Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 AC/DC Converter - 5 Vdc 1200 mA 218-1001
1 Speaker 623-2146
1 LCD screen (16?~2) 769-2019
2 Toggle switch 948-0049
1 Stepper motor driver chip 568-9170
1 20k ohms Potentiometer (LCD contrast) 754-0154
1 Keypad 948-0011
1 5V Regulator (NTE-960) 935-3020
1 Single LED 670-1196
Additional parts required: PIC 16F84A microcontroller, stepper motor, keypad encoder, any small DC motor. To view the PIC diagram, click here .

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