Greg is Chillin' With 50 Cent on His Tricked-Out Keyboard

July 18, 2005
For Greg Ruhlander's complete instructions on how to build your own computer keyboard with integrated am/fm radio,

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Unable to function without his trusty portable am/fm radio at his side-especially while working-Greg hit upon the idea of integrating it directly into his computer's keyboard. The big plus is no batteries required since the keyboard powers the radio. Taking a standard keyboard and small, portable radio, he designed a simple voltage reduction circuit to step down the keyboard's 5V to 3V, and there you have it: a convenient combination of two items or a boombox for geeks.

Tricked Out Keyboard Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Op amp, dual 288-1185
1 680 U resistor 296-5278
1 1K U resistor 296-5282
1 10K U resistor 296-5306
2 C1,C2 0.1 muF capacitor 862-2142
Additional parts required: Standard computer keyboard; small radio (auto or manual); phone jack

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