Got Hot Milk?

September 05, 2005

Raising your kids on "nature's best" milk presents all sorts of logistical issues for a stay-at-home dad. Even a trip to the grocery store is fraught with peril, as a commercial bottle warmer takes way too long (15 minutes) with two screaming kids in the car. Calculating that he needed about 200W for two minutes to heat a bottle of milk, Michael built a small "low drop out," high-current linear voltage circuit to regulate the voltage of a 20V battery pack (borrowed from a cordless drill) that powers his warmer.

"The Pacifier" Baby Bottle Warmer Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Voltage regulator 773-0123
1 Op amp 630-0028
1 P-Channel FET 307-0191
1 FET heat sink 619-0021
1 FET mounting kit 619-4881
1 2 pin plug housing 863-0311
1 2 pin receptacle housing 863-0316
2 male pins for receptacle housing 863-0395
2 female pins for plug housing 863-0391
3 100K, 1/4W resistor 832-0717
1 22K, 1/4W resistor 832-0585
1 1K, 1/4W resistor 832-0356
1 100 V, 1/4W resistor 832-0202
1 100 muF capacitor 881-7190
1 47 muF capacitor 852-6558
Additional parts required: Bottle warmer; Inverter-400W (800W peak), VEC024M; 18V Cordless drill battery and charger; Proto Board; Wire-Red, Black, Yellow 16 gauge; 1 1.0 muF capacitor; 1 0.33 muF capacitor; 1 3.3 muF capacitor; 2 Ring terminals.

Read and download the detailed documentation on how to

create a lightweight, portable unit for warming a baby's bottle.

Download Detailed Bottle Warmer Parts List

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