Give My Mascot LIFE!

April 18, 2005
For Richard Downing's (and friends) complete instructions on how to build your own robotic mascot, click here .

Watch the video of CAM in action.

Looking to add some monstrous fun to school pep rallies and football games, Richard and three friends working toward engineering degrees at Colorado State University decided to create a robotic mascot. Controlled by two microcontrollers, "Cam the Ram" awaits input from a normally open button or an amplified condenser microphone. The triggering of either input sends Cam through one of four "routines" involving several counted actions that include blinking lights, an LCD screen, a fiber-optic pom-pom, and a speaker.

Robotic Mascot parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Potentiometer 753-1310
1 Power transistor 248-1005
1 Yellow LED 265-9060
1 Voltage regulator 263-0135
1 Op amp 714-2561
1 Ribbon cable 943-4041
Additional parts required: "Cam the Ram" stuffed doll; lamp with fiber-optic pom and blue LEDS; 5V dc motor; LCD frame; assorted resistors and capacitors; wires; oscillator; 2 PIC microcontrollers; batteries and holder; 8-pin DIP IC holder; LCD pins; 20-pin DIP IC holder

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