Gary Knew the Dangers of Eating Uncooked Meat

December 01, 2003

So now he's grilling up a storm in his backyard, thanks to the table-top sized Tesla Coil he built and refined to extract long, repeatable sparks. And a lot more goes into this design than plastic pipe and copper wire and tubing. After much optimization, Gary has been able to routinely achieve 9-inch streamers, frequent 11-inch streamers, and even the occasional 14-inch strike to a grounded target (plywood covered with chicken wire).

"Lightening Dog" Cooker Parts
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 #32 AWG magnet wire 293-0390
Additional parts required: France model 4020SE 4kV/20 mA neon sign transformer, capacitor array 0.025muF @ 8,000V dc, spark gap (two parallel copper pipes), primary coil, secondary coil, toroidal top load made from corrugated aluminum duct. For Gary Lau's complete instructions (including safety information), go to

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