Gamer Chris on Wii

November 28, 2006

My son Chris, a college freshman, got to roadtest a Ninetendo Wii game console over the Thanksigving break. Here are his thoughts:

>>>In my opinion, the Wii constitutes the largest attempt in years by any of the major gaming companies to seriously revive the console genre . While other companies, namely Microsoft with the XBox 360 and Sony with the PS3 have focused more on technical innovation geared towards superior graphics, the Wii admits to sacrificing graphics in return for a more unique style of play. Both the XBox360 and the PS3 fail to break with their predecessors besides more eye candy and better technical specs. The truly innovative Wii, however, has  motion sensors  and two part controller has at least attempted to make console video gaming more interactive. Whether it will be successful remains to be seen. The important point is that Nintendo has taken the initiative in bringing something new to a stale genre.<<<

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