Gadget Freak Case #109: Linux Server Serves Cats

October 08, 2007

Lee Holmes' two cats get their portions served personally by his server computer. The computer stands right next to his homemade mechanical dry cat food dispenser, running the Subversion Version Control System under Ubuntu Linux. But at feeding time, it moonlights as a waiter.

Activating the CD ROM eject and load functions, the computer gives a lever on the cat feeder two nudges with its CD tray. The metered portion of cat food is dispensed and the cats dine. If you're planning a Skinner box experiment on a budget or simply need to feed your pets while you're out, here's a clever way to do it. Scripts are included for Linux and any Windows version that supports PowerShell.

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Amt Part Description
1 Big box of Pepsi
1-2 Thin phone books
1 Sturdy cardboard box
1 Elastic band
5-6 Bamboo skewers
1 Sheet of cardboard
1 Bowl
1 Wireless-enabled computer
1 Very large box
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