Evil Scientist or Rocket Science? You Decide.

February 06, 2006

What could be cooler than launching model rockets? Launching a lot of them! To control multiple rocket launches relative to one another and put on an utterly amazing backyard air show, Joe designed a circuit (replicated for each rocket) consisting of two 555 timers configured for monostable operation and a high-current FET. A single launch button is wired parallel to all of the circuits. Delay times (from the activation of the launch button to the activation of the FET) are adjusted with a potentiometer and range from a small fraction of a second to tens of seconds.

For Joe's instructions on how to build your own model rocket launch sequencer, click here .

Amt Part Description Allied Part #
4 100 k ohm,0.25W resistor 832-0717
2 1 k ohm, 0.25W resistor 832-0356
2 200 k ohm, 0.25W potentiometer 754-1131
4 0.01 muF, 50V capacitor 881-5324
3 100 muF, 25V capacitor 852-6560
2 0.1 muF, 50V capacitor 881-5336
2 LM555 263-0133
2 Red LED 431-0193
1 Diode 273-0063
1 FET IRFU3704Z 273-0709
1 6 pos screw terminal 409-0047
1 Switch, SPST 683-0301

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