Eddie's Big Challenge: Ground-Effect Turbulence

May 17, 2004

A big fan of the Jetsons, engineer Eddie Edwards has designed a personal electric hovercraft. Propelled by a lift fan driven by a lithium-ion battery source that runs one hour between charges, he claims his device can achieve a maximum vertical lift of 5 cm, so long as the rider weighs no more than 95 kg. His newest prototype features ducted thrust to propel and steer the board.

Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 AC Impeller CFM 710 600-2225
Other supplies: 1 top board and baseboard and 4 spacer boards (aluminum/honeycomb composite); 1 48-V power system (lithium ion); 1 motor controller; 1 segmented hovercraft skirt (rubberized nylon); assorted nuts, bolts, cables, and connectors.

Full details of the construction



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