Dust Proved to be Deadly for Greg's Computer Fan

August 04, 2003

Tired of replacing failed fan units on his computer, Greg came up with a new, liquid chip-cooling system that seals out dirt and dust. Coolant is circulated by a free-floating internal blade, which is magnetically linked to a drive piece and electric motor. Heat sinks mounted to the top plate provide additional conductive cooling. Designed for easy retrofitting, the unit simply snaps into place and plugs in.

Chip Cooling System Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Power connector 863-4706
2 Terminals 863-4730
6 in. 2 conductor 18 AWG Wire 212-2126
Other parts required: Magnetic impeller (internal), magnetic coupling (external), top and bottom housings, 4-7V electric motor, approximately 1 ounce of coolant

For complete details, click here.

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