The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night

September 26, 2005

Sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Tired of trudging down the stairs to let his dog out of his cage in the middle of the night, Les designed a remote control door opener. The system consists of a clevis mounted to the shaft of a solenoid and the door latch of the cage. When Les activates his handheld remote control, 120V power energizes the solenoid and pulls the latch open, allowing his dog to open the cage and run free while he stays snuggled under the covers upstairs.

Remote Control Dog Door Opener Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Linear solenoid, 802-1100 pull type 120V
1 Relay, interval type 120V 892-0091
1 Relay mounting socket 892-9998
1 Steel utility cabinet 736-3616 enclosure with lid
2 Connectors 617-1488 (for use w/solenoid lugs)
8 Connectors (for use 617-1451 w/relay connections)
A/R Electric cord, standard 214-3307 120V extension
A/R Tie wraps to secure cord 534 9830

Additional parts required: Appliance remote control system (Radio Shack part #61-2667A); Clevis (fashion as necessary to work with door); Mounting screws & nuts #8-32 X 1 inch. NOTE: This device works for applications with only a simple translation of linear motion of less than 1 inch.

Download Remote Door Opener Schematic

Download Remote Door Opener Instructions

Download Remote Door Opener Parts List

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