Create Your Own Interactive Furniture

Liven your living space by creating interactive furniture that doubles as a puzzle game.

The GoonieBox came about because I wanted to create a unique piece of furniture for my home that my guests could interact with. But I wanted it to be something that I wouldn’t have to explain how it worked. Instead, I wanted mysterious scriptures scribed all over the sculpture to intrigue my guests. I found my inspiration in an epic puzzle game “The Room” by Fire Proof Games .

Here's the end result:

If you have never played it, head over to Google Play or the App Store and download all three games. They are jaw dropping in graphics, mind bending in puzzles, and infinitely unique in game play. Here is the puzzle that inspired it all:

Can you imagine walking into a room and seeing this intricate piece of furniture sitting there with unassuming elegance? Immediately upon playing the game I thought, “I must build one!” It wouldn’t be till years later that I came up with a design worthy of this puzzle.

Parts List    
Part Description Digi-Key Part # Notes
Arduino Atmega    
Audio Module    
Bluetooth Speaker    
NeoPixel Ring 1528-1102-ND  
Momentary Switches    
Optical Switches 365-1784-ND  
.1 Center Crimp kit    
Hook Up Wire    
Polaroid camera    
Hour Glass    
Plastic Enclosure 377-2133-ND  
Power Supply 237-1419-ND  
Wire Crimping Tool    
Wood Laser Cutting Services     
 (615102) 16T Aluminum Hub Sprocket(0.250 in)   Parts available via    
     (615106) 24T Aluminum Hub Sprocket(0.250 in)    
     (615114) 32T Aluminum Hub Sprocket(0.250 in)    
     (636120) 3.5 inch ID x 1/8 inch Smooth Belt    
     (636122) 4 inch ID x 1/8 inch Smooth Belt    
     (636124) 4.5 inch ID x 1/8 inch Smooth Belt    
     (545364) Swivel Hub                       
     (636212) 5 inch x 1/4 inch Smooth Belt    
     (636214) 5.5 inch  x 1/4 inch Smooth Belt    
     (636216) 6 inch  x 1/4 inch Smooth   Belt    
     (615134) 2 inch Smooth Hub Pulley         
     (615130) 1 inch Smooth Hub Pulley         
     (585442) 3.00 inch Aluminum Channel       
     (545340) 1/2 inch Tube Clamping Hub       
     (545364) Swivel Hub                       
     (535138) 1/2 inch Ball Bearing Quad Pillow Block    
     (638228) 26 RPM Planetary Gearmotor w/Encoder    
     (615318) 12T 32P (3mm bore) Gearmotor  Pinion Gear    
     (635254) 4 inch length x 1/2 inch dia. Aluminum Tubing    
   (635256) 6 inch length x 1/2 inch dia. Aluminum Tubing    


Click the link below to download the full project source code and firmware. Microsoft Office document icon GadgetFreak_GoonieBoxCodeAsWordDoc copy.zip_.doc





After finding my muse, my



This box is certainly an amazing construction. Not quite what everybody needs, but certainly an interesting piece. It would totally be out of place in my house though.

Wow, that looks great. I remember my brother decided to make his home-office that time he used his desk from his wardrobe doors and used stools to sit on. Stools don't provide proper support for back so his wife asked him to visit this site. So he visited it and got one high back mesh chair. It is more comfortable and gives proper support to his back.

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