Craig Wasn't a Particularly Well-Grounded Individual

April 05, 2004

An engineer who likes to collect data everywhere he goes, Craig figured out how to mount a speedometer that uses a Hall-effect sensor on his 42-inch-long skateboard. By calibrating it for the 65-mm old-school wheels, he now knows his current speed, average and max speed (30 mph!), trip miles, and total miles traveled. Given the slight imbalance created by the wheel-mounted magnet, the only thing left for him to compute is a quick cure for road rash.

Skateboard computer parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Magnet ICs 808-2008
1 Foam mounting tape 617-7009
1 Cable tie 805-1117

Other supplies: Speedometer assembly (Out of Line Sports), custom-made board cover plate
Cowabunga dude, check out the full assembly details !

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