Craig Was a Diehard Dashboard DIYer

January 09, 2006

When Craig discovered his local BMW dealer charges $50 to reset the oil change indicator light on his 1999 BMW 528i, he did what any good engineer would do: He built his own reset tool. The simple, money-saving tool is essentially a wire with a pin on one end, a clip on the other, and a resistor in the middle. He simply attaches the clip to a proper ground point in the engine compartment and inserts the pin into the diagnostic or data link connectors and voila-lights out!

DIY Indicator Light Reset

Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
18 in. 14 gauge wire 650-4501
1 Clip 860-5405
1 470V 0.5W resistor 296-6410
1 Banana plug 885-6040
Additional parts required: BMW male pin for
either a 20-pin or 15-pin diagnostic connector

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