Clive Emitted That Youthful Glow

February 21, 2005

Committed to a cleaner environment, Clive recycles plastic objects into funky jewelry-perfect to wear for a night out clubbing as long as you don't mind lugging along a power supply! First, he glues colored LEDs into holes he has drilled into an array of clear plastic objects-the more varied the shape, the better. He crafts the string from a pair of wires twisted together and terminated into a socket at regular intervals. A resistor limits the current through each LED, which requires about 20 mA.

Click here for Clive Mitchell's complete instructions on how to build your own LED charm lights.
LED Charm lights parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 6V 300mA PSU 928-9625
1 6V 600mA PSU 928-9630
1 Two-crimp connector housing 863-3250
1 Female crimps 863-9969
1 24 AWG stranded wire (green) 696-9104
1 24 AWG stranded wire (brown) 696-9109
1 5-min Quik Stik epoxy glue 796-9851
1 220 ohms 1/4W resistors 832-0248
1 Clear 1/8 inch heatshrink tubing 617-0414
1 Red 3 mm LED 505-9999
1 Orange 3 mm LED 505-9715
1 Yellow 3 mm LED 505-0002
1 Ultra green 3 mm LED 505-9716
1 Blue 3 mm LED 505-9720

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