Clive Dabbled in the Performing Arts

March 07, 2005

Tired of competing with his own artwork, Glasgow native and stage actor Clive Mitchell threw out the microcontrollers and discrete oscillators he once used to produce highly animated art pieces. Designed to be displayed in a frame, his latest creation consists of a passive grid of low-intensity diffused LEDs that creates a form that's pleasing to look at without getting in your face. He wires the LEDs in series of circuits of four with a 330 ohms resistor for each circuit, powered by a cheap, unregulated power supply and suitable for framing.

For Clive Mitchell's complete instructions on how to create your own low-tech techno art, click here .
Low-tech techno art parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 12V 300 mA PSU (unregulated) 928-9725
1 Orange diffused 5 mm LED 782-0057
1 Red diffused 5 mm LED 782-0060
1 Yellow diffused 5 mm LED 782-0065
1 Green diffused 5 mm LED 782-0070
1 Pack of 1/4W 330 ohms resistors 832-0276
1 Laser transparency film 661-0365
1 Exposure kit 661-0315
1 Photofabrication kit 661-0310

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