Christina and the Dangerous Duck Slalom

November 21, 2005

To light the way home after a late night cramming at the library, Christina and friends designed this smart bike light. Using two microcontrollers and powered by a battery pack that mounts to the bike's down tube, the device monitors both the bicycle speed (via Hall Effect magnet) and amount of daylight (via photoconductive cell). When dwindling light is detected during operation, the unit sounds an on-tone and exposes and turns on an array of white LEDs. A four-line LCD display indicates both status and speed.

Click here to download instructions for the The Vindicator XL Bike Light
Smart Bike Lights Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 5V Battery 774-0610
1 Miniature speakers 623-2144
1 Photoconductive cell 980-0015
1 Instrument case 806-5050
1 4x16 character 1 cm, stn reflective 769-0119
1 Voltage regulator 263-0135
1 25V transistor 263-0319
1 Miniature sensor 642-2257
10 LED bright white 749-3330
1 Switch, None-on 676-3175
Additional parts required: PIC 16F84A and PIC 16F88 microcontroller; mini DCM pulse motor, generator, 60 tooth gear

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