Case #88: William Saw Light at the End of the Tunnel

August 14, 2006

Looking to light up the town, model railroad enthusiast William Grill developed this unique and flexible control board for driving lighting for water towers, running and crossing lights, and storefront dress-up lights. The microcontroller-based application enables the selection of four display formats using five outputs, including combinations of sequenced, bouncing, and dual beacon displays. Since the architecture is table-based, the design allows the possibility of simple redefining and customizing with longer display sequences. And powered from 7 to 18V ac/dc, the circuit uses only a few milli-amps of power.

Get William Grill's complete instructions on how to build your own lighting control kit . (PDF)

"Lighting Control Unit" Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 100 uF 25V Cap 507-0037
1 47 uF 25V Cap 507-0032
2 4700 pF ceramic Cap 507-0423
4 4.7K 1/8W resistor 296-6222
2 2.2K 950-0001 296-6218
2 1N4148 diode 950-0001
1 78L05 regulator 263-0136
5 2N3904 transistor 431-0406
1 2PST board mount switch 948-0152
1 proto board .1 in squares 237-0026
2 3 Post Terminal 409-0082
1 4 Post Terminal 409-0083

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