Case #87: Jason Was An Honorary Member of the Captain Nemo Fan Club

July 17, 2006

Inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Jason built this underwater Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) so he, himself, could explore the depths of his bath tub, swimming pool and beyond. Employing mostly off-the-shelf parts, the ROV is controlled via Visual Basic commands sent over an RS232 serial port. Powered by bilge pump motors and equipped with a video camera, the ROV was developed on a flexible platform that will allow the addition of advanced capabilities such as joystick control, temperature/pressure sensors, air lift balloons, and sonar.

For Jason Rollette's complete instructions on how to build your own ROV underwater vehicle, click here .

Underwater ROV
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
Top Side Board
1 9 pin Sub D connector 512-0460
1 RS232 connector 773-0034
4 1muF radial electrolytic capacitators 613-0204
1 100muF radial electrolytic capacitator 613-0210
5 1muF radial capacitators 507-0608
1 7805 5V regulator 625-0360
1 Copper clad 4 x 6 single side 661-0450
Bottom Side Board(s)
1 7812 12V regulator 288-0264
1 7805 5V regulator 288-0001
1 Im317t constant current 288-1251
Additional parts required: 485 converter (max 485); assorted hardware; motor; laptop

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