Case #102: Dick Had a Cameo Role in Scream 2

October 23, 2006

Give the little witches and warlocks a real trick when they come clamoring for treats on Halloween with this doorbell-activated soundtrack. All that's required to build this spooky sound generator is a moderate hack of a cassette player, which involves opening the case and rewiring the motor for remote control, and rewiring of your doorbell circuit. Add a simple, roof-mounted speaker, and you'll have the little darlings scattering in every direction at the first blood-curdling scream.

Download the Build Instructions

Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 1K 1/2W Resistor 296-2187
1 100 ohm 1/4W Resistor 296-5514
1 47 ohm 1/4W Resistor 296-2178
1 SCR 568-0639
1 K1 Relay 12V ac 850-0546*
1 K2 Relay 12V dc 866-2554
1 PSU1 12V dc power supply 928-9720
* or 24Vac 866-2020 (see text)
Additional parts required
R4 10 ohm resistor, rating appropriate for Cue Channel output (needed if the Cue Channel amplifier has an output transformer); Stereo tape player or tape deck and amplifier configured for electrical remote control (see instructions); Continuous-loop tape cassette (TDK EC-3M or similar). EC-3M is a 3-minute loop. One vendor informs me that TDK is the only current maker of loop cassettes and this is the shortest loop they make.

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