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November 08, 2004

Carl has taken "breakfast in bed" to the ultimate with his remote-controlled coffee pot activation system. By disassembling his coffee maker, an alarm clock, and remote control car (and a tad bit of rewiring), he was able to employ the alarm signal as the on/off power supply to the car's handheld controller. He stuffed the car's RC 5V dc receiving unit into his coffee maker and created a circuit that would turn on and off 115V ac in response to the 5V dc signal. Now at 6 a.m., his coffee pot kicks in.

For Carl Stoesz's complete instructions on how to build your own Bedside Barista, click here .

Bedside Barista Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Triac 568-1118
1 NTE Optoisolator 935-6356
1 SCR 568-1040
2 1N4006, 200V, 2A diodes 266-0006
2 Diodes 935-0765
1 9, 1V Zener, 2A 568-7264
3 SPDT-MOM switch 870-8750
1 SPST switch 870-9118
1 SODT switch (not on diagram) 870-0184
Additional parts required: Assorted capacitors, resistors, red LED, green LED; radio alarm clock (Wal-Mart $5); Sunbeam coffee maker ($10), and a 27 MHz toy RC car ($20)

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