Bryan Had a Feeling He Was Not in Kansas Anymore

February 07, 2005

After one too many nights lying awake wondering if he had remembered to close the garage door, Bryan decided to reengineer his automatic door opener. He attached a detector switch to the opener drive rail, which is engaged by the drive shuttle as the door arrives at the fully open position. He wired the switch to a delay timer that begins its count when the switch is closed. When the timing period clocks out, the timer's normally open dry contacts signal the opener to close the door.

Hands-free Garage Door Closer Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Delay-on make timer relay 120V ac 419-0053
1 Octal relay socket 814-3100
1 Unidirectional hinge roller switch 821-0039
1 6-32 aluminum male-female stand-offs 920-6098
2 Conductor 120V ac power vord 626-4699

Additional parts required: Delay-on make timer relay 24V dc; 24V dc power supply; crimp terminals; small lengths of two conductor wire.

Click here for Bryan Henderson's complete instructions on how to build your own hands-free garage door closer.

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