Bob's Apple-Stealing Varmint Was a Nearsighted Nuisance

October 06, 2003

Tired of marauding wildlife munching on his mums, Bob Forman designed a simple motion detector device that automatically triggers a sprinkler system when unwelcome visitors stray over his property line. Not only does the dog across the street get an occasional dousing, but also Forman's lawn and garden stay well-watered. The device works effectively on small children and door-to-door salesmen too!

Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 16-24V door bell transformer 836-6190
1 Outdoor electrical cord 876-5120
1 5.5- inch outdoor electrical box 500-8100
Misc Wire nuts 534-0010
Additional parts required: Wood base, galvanized pipe flange, PVC pipe, solenoid valve, motion detector, plastic impulse sprinkler, hose adapter. For complete parts list and build instructions, go to and click on Gadget Freak.

To read more on the Gadget Freak go to

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