At Your Fingertips: How Leap Motion Lets You Control VR With Your Bare Hands: Page 3 of 3

No keyboard, no mouse, and no controller necessary. Leap Motion's sensor-based controller lets users control VR and AR using only their bare hands.

has no plans of its own to get into haptics, but she did point to companies like UltraHaptics, that are focused entirely in the space of creating virtual objects that can be felt and touched. Perhaps someday a savvy OEM will look to combine a VR headset, Leap Motion's controller, and some sort of tactile interface all into one package?

Leap Motion also recently completed a round of $50 million in series C funding and is looking to expand its operations into China and broaden its reach beyond entertainment into more and enterprise applications including healthcare, education, and industrial training simulation.

“When speaking with OEMs it doesn't require much convincing when it comes to showing the value proposition of hands as the main input for [VR and AR] platforms,” Murati said. “Our conversations with OEMs and partners have been very smooth. The industry understands that input needs to have a higher standard."

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