Wind Sensors

March 29, 2010

SENSORS: Carlo Gavazzi Automation launched a complete line of dynamic wind sensors that are vital components for improving efficiency, enhancing accuracy and providing safety in a variety of different applications. The DWS Series Anemometers measure wind velocity from 3.3 to 67 MPH (1.5 to 30 meters per second). They are ideal for increasing the efficiency on wind turbines, for accurate monitoring with weather stations, and for providing added safety with outdoor hoists/cranes, greenhouses and to inhibit large industrial doors from operating in high winds. These models feature selectable NPN and PNP transistor outputs, as well as a proportional output.

The DWS Series also includes Wind Vanes for wind direction sensing, which are ideal for the wind turbine industry, allowing the turbines to be rotated to the proper direction for maximum efficiency.

The DWS Series housings are ruggedly designed for use in all weather conditions, with operating temperature range of -4 to +140F (-20 to +60C). A special shielded cable is also included, thus making the sensors suitable for use on turbines, which typically generate quite a bit of electrical noise. Models are also offered that have built-in heating elements which prevent icing.

List prices begin at $785.00.


-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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