Update on Cape Wind

April 20, 2010

Cape Wind signed an agreement on March 31 to purchase 130 wind turbines  from Siemens Energy Inc. As a result of this purchase Siemens will be opening a Boston office to maintain and build other off shore wind projects. According to The Boston Globe the new Boston office is set to open on June 1 st. With an energy company’s office in Boston, the state will hopefully take more steps in finding alternative energy sources, said Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Ian A. Bowles.

Siemens Energy Inc. is one of the world’s largest off shore wind power suppliers and has played a large part in Europe’s off shore projects. In 2009 three of every four wind turbines installed in Europe were from Siemens. In December of 2004 Siemens U.S. Wind Power division had one employee; today there are over 1000 and they plan on doubling that number this year alone.

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