Top 10 Questions Going into DesignCon 2017: Page 3 of 3

What’s hot in signal integrity right here, right now, plus shwag and Chiphead’s favorite song.

for this day… but sockets? That’s the only photonics paper? I was promised a silicon waveguide driven by genuine integrated photonics.

One step at a time, my friend, DesignCon will see the infrared light some day.


10. Some guy promoting his neuroscience book ? How did that get in the program?

Well, grasshopper, it’s not what you know…wait, yes it is!

Since I clearly can’t solve the world’s problems myself, the least I can do is prime your brain to do so. In researching my new book, The Left Brain Speaks The Right Brain: a look at the neuroscience of innovation & creativity in art, science & life , I found a few techniques that can help you (and me) work more effectively, find and fix bugs faster, fire up your Aha! patent-generating gray matter (and white matter), and, well, if it turns out that I can’t do any of that, then hopefully we can have a few laughs and you’ll get to see my focus-de-focus innovation op-amp. If it’s really bad, you can always throw your Samtec tiger at me.


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