Rocket Launch a Conversation

March 18, 2007

Many of our Gadget Freaks , which appear in every issue and on our website, generate a lot of conversation from readers and fellow Gadget Freaks alike. Whether they are offering their thoughts on the latest invention, looking for more information or simply generating conversation, our Gadget Freak talk back feature, along with this blog is your place to talk gadgets! So what are you waiting for? Get in the conversation !

In one of our recent Gadgets, Case #97, reader Joe Peck took rocket science to new depths with his underwater rocket launcher. Initially sealed watertight from nose to nozzle, ignition is triggered by bringing a magnet close to a sensor contained in the upper section. When the motor ignites it blows off the bottom end cap for liftoff! Take his challenge and try your hand at model rocketry.

Here’s what some of our readers said about Joe’s rocket:

“How about a Home Hydrogen producing device in your next Gadget Freak article? If it ran off of solar cells that would make it even better. “

“I too have seen this before, but then I think it is neat to see a new approach. I could see the benefit of the magnetic trigger circuitry if it were part of the launch system rather than integral part of the rocket. Electrically connect the igniter of a primed rocket to this triggering unit, physically mount the unit onto the rocket(rubber o-ring(s)?) and trigger the ignition by rigging a line to pull the unit and the rocket under the surface of the water with a magnet located in the base of the tank so that when the rocket is completely submerged it is in proximity of the magnet. Pull it slightly deeper to initiate engine ignition, i.e. bring the circuit to the magnet by dragging it down. This will address some of the safety issues by putting distance between you and the launch pad.”

Not to mention my personal favorite: "You''ll shoot your eye out, kid!"

Want to see what they're talking about? Check out the video.
Check out what else people are saying about this Gadget with the talk back comments on this post and you’ll also see a response from the inventor himself answering questions.

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