Researchers Develop Hairy Skin to Enhance Robot Touch Sensing: Page 2 of 2

These typical can range up to $1300, depending on when the pass is purchased.

deflected, could also distinguish between contact with soft rubber, plastic, ceramic, and glass.

The inventors envision this “skin” being integrated into robotic arms to give disabled individuals “the capability to feel a complex environment and handle things more easily.”


Did you really need a second page for three lines of text? Did you really need to switch pages in the middle of a sentence? Your new format is annoying. Most other Engineering media sites can fit two of your "full" pages on one of theirs.

I agree with Terry -- the articles are very often split so that there is only one sentence on the second page. Also, I need to ask if anyone PROOFREADS these things when they are up. The sub-heading says "These typical can range up to $1300, depending on when the pass is purchased." -- how on earth is that sentence related to anything in the article?

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