Rapid Prototyping Is Critical to the Realization of 5G : Page 3 of 3

the fastest rates ever recorded for mobile access. The Nokia prototype composed of a BTS and a UE consistently streamed data at a rate of over 10 Gbps at 73.5 GHz. Since then, the company has demonstrated a two-way over-the-air link operating at over 14 Gbps at Mobile World Congress 2016. Nokia's achievement paints a promising future for mmWave and 5G.

The Future is Here

5G promises many exciting new developments to ultimately improve our lives through enhanced connectivity and unlock tremendous economic value. But for us to reap these benefits, researchers need a faster path to prototype. Traditional approaches have grown too expensive and time-consuming, and the world is growing impatient. A platform-based design approach promises the possibility to deliver these new developments faster, just as the researchers at places like Lund University, Nokia Networks, NYU Wireless, and Samsung are already demonstrating. It's time to join this wave of innovation and see where it takes us next.

James Kimery is director of RF Research and SDR Marketing at National Instruments.

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