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New edition of the classic product is “focused on people who need to program, not on programmers.”

to offer the current version of LabView, as well, separately from the new NXG product.

On stage at NIWeek, NI demonstrated LabView NXG by quickly measuring the pressure wave off a cowboy’s bullwhip. (Source: Design News)


NI announced LabView NXG this week at NIWeek, an annual event taking place in Austin, TX. As if to put an exclamation on the rollout, NI did a demonstration with a real-life San Antonio cowboy, using LabView NXG along with a PXIe 4480 sound and vibration module to quickly and simply analyze the pressure wave off the cowboy’s bullwhip, while approximately 3,000 engineers looked on.

In a separate session, Jeff Kodosky, company co-founder and “father of LabView,” talked about the original “spreadsheet” vision and the subsequent evolution of the technology. “We marketed LabView as the non-programming way to automate measurements,” he said.


Jeff Kodosky, the “father of LabView,” explained that LabView NXG is consistent with the original vision for the product. (Source: Design News)


This week, NI engineers said the analogy is still relevant, even though the current technology bears no similarity to the spreadsheet. “The metaphor of the spreadsheet is still the foundation of what we’re trying to do with LabView NXG,” Phillips said.  

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Mr. Charles Murray, If you're going to write an article pretending you're even the slightest bit familiar with National Instruments LabVIEW, you should capitalize the name correctly. The name is LabVIEW, not LabView.

" can see data on a graph, and you can right click and capture that data into a data pane that stores it in your project.” They need to re-phrase this because it sounds like "Print Screen" to me. Or perhaps that was the point...

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