Gadget Freak of the Year

April 11, 2006

Design News readers selected Les Kelly as Gadget Freak extraordinaire for his remote control dog door opener.

Engineers are gadget guys. But it takes a really extraordinary invention to become a Design News Gadget Freak. And to be named Gadget Freak of the Year — well, that really is the ultimate honor.

While some Gadget Freak inventions are born out of inspiration, in the case of Gadget Freak of the Year Les Kelly, it was born more out of perspiration — that is a desire to avoid a task. Tired of trudging up and down the stairs to let his dog out of his cage in the middle of the night, Les designed a remote control door opener.

Sometimes the photos we receive don't come in the way we'd like them to — as was the case here. At left, I walk through the steps I took to create an image suitable for publication in the magazine.

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