Excitement Mounts for ESC Boston 2017

There remain only a handful of days before the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), May-3-4, in Boston.

I was just looking at my calendar. Do you realize that, as I pen these words, there remain only a handful of days before I fly out to attend the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) , May-3-4, in Boston. I have to say that I'm rather excited about this.

There are several reasons for my excitement, not the least that I will be hosting a meetup and presenting three papers as discussed in the following columns:

I know some people hate speaking in public, but I really enjoy standing in front of an engineering audience and waffling on about some techno-weenie topic that would bore my family and friends to tears.

The thing I like the most is meeting up with old friends and colleagues. In addition to bumping into each other at the show, it's grown to be a tradition that we all meet up the evening before the conference:

Will you be attending ESC Boston this year? If so, please feel free to join us on the Tuesday evening, and also feel free to bounce over and say “Hi” if you see me meandering around. As always, I'll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt.

Building an Artificial Brain. Be sure to catch this ESC Boston talk, " Building an Artificial Brain ," covering a wide range of issues, including analog versus digital neurons, alternative brain topologies, and the problems associated with sensory overload on May 4, 2017. Immediately following the presentation will be a networking session for those interested in artificial intelligence and like technologies. Register for ESC Boston here!

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