Electronics Suppliers Preach Gospel of Openness for Autonomous Cars: Page 3 of 3

Semiconductor companies want to build an open foundation for the autonomous vehicle’s solution stack. They just need automakers to accept the concept.
May 19, 2017

the Tier One or the OEM,” Weast said. “That’s their business. It’s what they do well and we’re not trying to change that.”

Cole contends that such collaboration will be necessary, given the complexity of autonomous driving. “It’s an idea whose time has come,” he said.

Senior technical editor Chuck Murray has been writing about technology for 33 years. He joined Design News in 1987, and has covered electronics, automation, fluid power, and autos.


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For a lot of folks there is a big difference between most consumer junk and the car we buy. A 3 year old car is still "fairly new", while a 3 year old computer is obsolete, although it still works perfectly. And while computer failures can be very inconvenient, unlike cars, the computer is seldom a "life critical" part of our existence. So the extra effort on vehicle control systems is well warranted.

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