Brr It's Cold in Here

March 30, 2007

When Bob Wilson, our March 19 Gadget Freak couldn't convince building maintenance at his work that his office was frigid in the morning, he devised a solution by programming a TI MSP430-F2013 microcontroller to record the tempearture continuously over several days. See move about his Gadget here.

Several of you commented on Wilson's temperature sensor, which I was seriously thinking about building (until my job was outsourced) because I too had the same problem. Course now that I'm "working" from home, I don't have that problem - and likely won't (unless I run out of money!).

Here's what some of you said about Wilson's invention:

One reader from the UK said his company is just about to launch a low cost device to do this task. Another offers up a "cheaper" solution. Read all comments here.

In the end though, Bob Wilson explains that his invention was also a "self-training exercise to master the MSP430-F2013."

Calling all Gadget Freaks! Tell us what you think, we want to hear from you!

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