Beer Tossing Refrigerator

March 20, 2007

Thanks to John Cornwell, who last year graduated from Duke University, the question of whether or not to get off the couch and grab a beer has become unnecessary to answer. In fact, with his invention, you don’t even have to have anyone at home do it for you or even try to train Fido to fetch you a brew!

The engineering graduate built perhaps what could quite possibly become the best gadget ever – especially for those who still want to live the college life.

A video of Cornwell’s invention, a refrigerator that can toss him a can of beer to the couch simply with a click of the remote, can be viewed online on, which as of today was viewed by more than a million people.

You can read all about his invention on

Anyone out there create anything that could go along with this gadget? Perhaps a taco-making machine, a robotic ice crusher which can pour drinks so your glass is never empty or maybe even a sensor-device that can indicate when a party guest is getting low on his beverage? I want to hear all about it!

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