Apple Releases iPhone

June 29, 2007

Perhaps one of the most sought after Gadgets today would be the Apple iPhone . On sale today, people actually slept outside stores to be the first to own one. Have any of you got your hands on one of these babies yet?


A model with 4 gigabytes of storage will cost you $499, while 8 gigabytes will set you back $599. And while that is pricey, the service plans AT&T are announcing don’t seem so bad – between $59.99 and $99.99 a month.


The iPhone is expected to combine the functions of a cell phone, an iPod and also allow you to surf the Web with a unique touch-screen display and intuitive software allowing for easy access to voice mail messages and the Internet, as well as video and music libraries. Customers will also be able to activate their wireless service from home through Apple’s iTunes software, according to the company.


There are criticisms to this new technology. Tech-guru Walt Mossberg says the phone is missing a few key details, such as the lack of song/ring integration, meaning you can play all your favorite songs, but can’t set any of them to your ringtone.


A Business Week  article, says this all-in-one device doesn’t work with many office e-mail servers, so if you have a Blackberry, you may need to stick with that for now. 

For more pluses and minuses to Apple’s iPhone, read this article on our site.


I was all set to go out and buy one, but now I think I’m going to take a step back and wait this one out. Who knows, maybe once all the hype passes, the price will come down, the glitches will be fixed and I can buy one with no hesitation whatsoever.

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