Software Engineering Has Become Way More than Coding: Page 2 of 2

Product development and design company Cambridge Consultants notes that among their hundreds of engineers, most are involved in design. Few actually do coding.

more significant portion of a product, the mundane coding actually begins to diminish. Portions of the software in the product can be dropped in as blocks. “Some of the newer languages are taking away more and more of the handle turning. There are more blocks you can put together. That frees us up to do more creative stuff rather than just configuring device drivers,” said Graham. “It’s giving us more scope to do larger projects with smaller teams.”

If chunks of software can be dropped into new or updated products and systems, software engineers get to do more of the challenging work. “You don’t have to do as much assembly programming, and that frees you up from the mundane so you can focus on the more expressive elements, working more on solving problems,” said Campbell.

With software growing in its role in design and product development, the profession is always on the lookout for new or experienced talent. “We are growing fast and constantly looking for good engineers, so we’d love to hear from your readers,” said Graham.

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