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We all agree that a requirements document is an essential part of the product development process, but can this document actually lead to the downfall of a project?

both clinical and market acceptance, and it often creates competitive advantage.


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Requirements engineering is the first and most important task in any project. Requirements must be written from the perspective of the product user and a good technique is the Kano model.

Couldn't _disagree_ more. I'm a C-level consultant and a Ph.D-educated professor in Systems Engineering. Quality is all about the customer's perception of value, and requirements are only meaningful if they reflect that perception. But perception changes over time, often faster than the requirements can be instantiated. Taking time to develop stellar requirements simply gives more opportunity for perception to change . To innovate, you must try, fail, learn quickly, and try again,

Thanks, guys. Though the “fail early fail often” mantra is popular these days, we always add “fail smart” to the end of that slogan for a reason. Perception plays a part, but there are some things that a user needs to do to be successful with the device or product that do not change. We discover these and write them into requirements. The idea is that with this kind of input, requirements will change less, and if you learn “smartly” from this, you will need to “try again” less often.

QFD is a better method to define a project. I have simplified it into a process called Structured Product Definition, which is freely available to use. See http://dmajic.com/papers/spd_01.ppt

Great info in your presentation. Your methods align nicely with a design driven development mentality for medical device development.

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