Top 10 States for Engineering Jobs

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 3.78

    Average quarterly jobs: 24,772

    Quarterly growth: 473, 1.92%

    Annual growth: 3,553, 16.74%

    Top discipline: Electrical

    Top city: Cambridge

    (photo source: MIT)
  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 3.35

    Average quarterly jobs: 19,321

    Quarterly growth: 1,161, 6.26%

    Annual growth: 2,853, 17.32%

    Top discipline: Systems

    Top city: Rockville

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 3.28

    Average quarterly jobs: 26,205

    Quarterly growth: 814, 3.11%

    Annual growth: 4,095, 18.52%

    Top discipline: Systems

    Top city: Arlington

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 2.5

    Average quarterly jobs: 92,967

    Quarterly growth: 4,556, 5%

    Annual growth: 12.415, 15.41%

    Top discipline: Electrical

    Top city: Fremont

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 2.47

    Average quarterly jobs: 16,641

    Quarterly growth: 1,000, 6.21%

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 2.46

    Average quarterly jobs: 12,395

    Quarterly growth: -4, -0.03%

    Annual growth: 1,286, 11.58%

    Top discipline: Electrical

    Top city: Westminster

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 2.09

    Average quarterly jobs: 20,609

    Quarterly growth: 1,952, 9.82%

    Annual growth: 3,167, 18.16%

    Top discipline: Mechanical

    Top city: Livonia

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 2.07

    Average quarterly jobs: 10,963

    Quarterly growth: -447, -3.95%

    Annual growth: 1,307, 13.54%

    Top discipline: Electrical

    Top city: Minneapolis

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 1.83

    Average quarterly jobs: 2,405

    Quarterly growth: -165, -6.65%

    Annual growth: 445, 22.7%

    Top discipline: Electrical

    Top city: Salem

  • Jobs per 1,000 people: 1.8

    Average quarterly jobs: 1,620

    Quarterly growth: 21, 1.32%

    Annual growth: 98, 6.44%

    Top discipline: Electrical

    Top city: Wilmington

has come out with the list of the best states for engineering job prospects. Like most lists of best engineering jobs or best places for employment opportunities, there are some expected results and some surprises. Massachusetts showing up as the number one state favorable to engineers is not surprising. The fact the New Hampshire and Delaware both beat out economic powerhouses such as Texas and Ohio is a tad eyebrow-raising.

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Now, click on the image below to see how your state ranks!

These listings include the number of job openings per month and per year, as well as the percentage of growth per month and per year. The listings also reveal the top engineering discipline for each state.

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